2019 Ambassador

Cancer Council Queensland’s Cancer Support Coordinator Alyce Morris, has been named the Cruise for Cancer Ambassador for 2019. Ms Morris is one local who sees first-hand how crucial the Olive McMahon lodge Toosoomba is to ensuring regional Queenslanders can access cancer treatment. Ms Morris began working for the charity in August 2016 and ever since has dedicated herself to both supporting those staying at the lodge and locals affected by cancer.

“My role involves providing support to people affected by cancer, including those staying at our Olive McMahon Lodge and the wider South West Queensland community, to understand how cancer is impacting on them and link them with additional support services as required,” she said.

“My role also involves liaising with a wide network of people across the region, ranging from health professionals to community groups and businesses to promote Cancer Council Queensland’s support and information services and coordinate the delivery of information sessions on a local level.”

Ms Morris said it was rewarding to be able to work for an organisation that is making a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.

“To be that listening ear and to provide comfort and support in times of distress, as well as being there to celebrate successes is a real privilege,” she said

“I try and do what I can for each and every client and by doing that I know I am helping ease the burden of cancer.”

Ms Morris encouraged the community to show their support for Cruise for Cancer.

“Funds raised through Cruise for Cancer allow us to continue to provide regional cancer patients and their families with a home-away-from-home and support while they are accessing treatment through the sponsorship of a room at Olive McMahon Lodge,” Ms Morris said.


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